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Collective. Collaborative. Community.

We Who Connect is a network for Ottawa & Area business owners; a platform where entrepreneurs, advocates, teachers, fundraisers can unite, network and work together to build their business and support our community.

We are a collective group of business owners who celebrate each other and focus on supporting one another! We are committed to empowering each other by providing meaningful opportunities to enhance their selves, businesses and communities. Together, we share our knowledge and experiences through regular meet and greets, events and networking opportunities.

We are the leaders, the thinkers, the go-getters, the rebels and the misfits; we are the women who connect, who see things differently, who work together and who plan on making a difference within our communities and the world!

We are the people who inspire the next generation to believe that they are strong, and that they can accomplish anything!

“IT TAKES A VILLAGE” — We Who Connect